Monday, September 26, 2016

Special Birthday Offers - coupon, special prices e.t.c.

I have special Birthday Offers for you:
I offer a coupon for 36% off.
Code: PPD-36B
You can use this code during September 22-26.
Also I have special prices for these dayes (September 22-26):
Everyday life templates and Simple templates - Only $1.36 each pack!
You can use a coupon for additional 36% off too! So you can save more and more...
Visit my shops here:

Saturday, September 17, 2016

September Pickle Barrel - new Templates and Photomasks - Only $1 each pack!

It's Pickle Barrel time at Pickleberrypop:
Only $1 USD each pack - don't miss out - September 16-19 Only!
My part of September Pickle Barrel - 2 new packs of Templates and 2 new packs of Photomasks
Imagination templates Vol.12 (PU/S4H):
Cut background templates Vol.5 (CU Ok):
Simple photomasks Vol.24:
SImple photomasks Vol.25:
Buy here:

Inspirations from new templates
dannie18 (from Imagination templates):
apottinger (from Imagination templates):
moromu (from Cut background templates):
Janik (from Imagination templates):
dannie18 (from Cut background templates):
moromu (from Imagination templates):


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Time for September Gotta Grab It - New 4 Packs of templates - Only $1USD each!

It's Gotta Grab It Time!
 Only $1 each pack - don't miss out!
September 10-16!

 My part of September GGI - new 4 packs of templates.
Creative blending templates (Vol.34) - PU/S4H Ok:
 Full of memories templates (Vol.43) - PU/S4H Ok:
Multiphoto templates (Vol.16) - PU/S4H/CU Ok:
Multiphoto templates (Vol.17) - PU/S4H/CU Ok:
All templates are saved at 4 formats:


Inspirations from these templates
Janik (from Multiphoto templates):
dannie18 (from Creative blending templates):
Olga Kuzina (from Full of memories templates):
 robinsismai (from Creative blending templates):

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Time for The Hatchery at The DigiChick - New Autumn reflection Collection


It's September - and that means The Hatchery has been restocked! TDC's Designer team has loads of new mix and match products, all for $1-$2 each - with bundles available.

My part of September The Hatchery - new Autumn reflection Collection
Only $1-$1.49 each pack!
Pack of elements ($1.49):
Pack of papers ($1.29):
Embossed papers ($1.00):
 Clusters&Wodart ($1.29):
Photomasks ($1.00):

You can buy all packs in one bundle for Only $5:

Inspirations from this collection