Saturday, May 21, 2016

May Pickle Barrel - Enjoy a summer day - Only $1USD each pack

It's Pickle Barrel time at Pickleberrypop:
Only $1USD each pack - don't miss out - May 19-23 Only!

My part of May Pickle Barrel - a new collection - Enjoy a summer day.
Pack of elements
Pack of papers

Buy here:

Olga Kuzina:



Saturday, May 14, 2016

Time for May Gotta Grab It - New 5 Packs of templates - Only $1USD each!

It's Gotta Grab It Time!
 Only $1 each pack - don't miss out!
May 14-20!
My part of May GGI - new 5 packs of templates.
Creative blending templates (Vol.29) - PU/S4H Ok:
Creative blending templates (Vol.30) - PU/S4H Ok:
Full of memories templates (Vol.39) - Pu/S4H Ok:
Cut background Templates Vol.3 - PU/S4H/CU Ok:
Multiphoto templates Vol.12 - Pu/S4H/CU Ok:

All templates are saved at 4 formats:


Inspirations from these templates
moromu (from Creative blending templates):
Janik (from Full of memories templates):
Olga Kuzina (from Cut background templates):
 dannie18 (from Creative blending templates):
moromu (from Full of memories templates):
sharonb (from full of memories templates):
moromu (from Creative blending templates):
dannie18 (from Cut background templates):


Friday, May 6, 2016

iNSD Sale + New templates, Grab Bags and Freebie

Happy iNSD!
Don't miss out my iNSD Sale - 50% off and more during May 5-10!
Visit my store here:
I've created new templates and new Grab Bags special for iNSD Day.
Simpke Multiphoto templates Vol.5:
Simple Multiphoto templates Vol.6:
Save 50% - Only $1.25 each pack!
Inspirations from these templates
Olga Kuzina:
Also I have an exclusive iNSD $2 Treats offer at Pickleberrypop
New Photomasks templates Vol.20:
Only $2 instead $4.39!
My page from these templates:
My new 4 Grab Bags:
 Simple photomasks Grab Bag 2 includes 11 packs of Simple photomasks (Vol.10-Vol.20)
total 37 masks in .png format.
Save 70% - Only $6.99 instead $23.30!
 Imagination templates Grab Bag includes 11 packs of Imagination templates (Vol.1-Vol.11)
total 34 templates in 4 formats: .psd, .tiff, .page, .png.
Save 74% - Only $10.99 instead $42.40!
Full of memories templates Grab Bag 4 includes 9 packs of Full of memories templates (Vol.28-Vol.36)
total 36 templates in 4 formats: .psd, .tiff, .page, .png.
Save 75% - Only $9.99 instead $40.50!
Creative blending templates Grab Bag includes 16 packs of Creative blending templates (Vol.1-Vol.16)
total 64 templates in 4 formats: .psd, .tiff, .page, .png.
Save 82% - Only $12.99 instead $72.00!
Special iNSD freebiew - Colorful inspiration templates:
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